Happier with Gretchen Rubin is a podcast from the Cadence 13 network. The following is a curated list of all the "Try This at Home" suggestions related to the SELF-CARE.

Episode no.   Try This at Home Suggestion

4. Keep a one-sentence journal.

9. Treat yourself (not to be confused with “treat yourself like a toddler” from episode 7).

12. Sometimes, it’s nice to indulge in a modest splurge.

25. The hilarious writer A. J. Jacobs, suggests a bunch of try-this-at-home tips: stand up straight, brainstorm for fifteen minutes a day, use sustainable honesty, and eat from the fridge, not the pantry.

38. Try to come up with a motto for your Tendency.

44. Have an end-of-the-year ritual.

55. Have a system for switching bags.

56. Schedule time to worry. 

57. Choose a mantra for the day.

58. Find your “area of refuge.”

67. Design your summer.

70. Remember to ask for advice. People can really be helpful.

71. Choose a signature color. This is a big commitment!

72. Have room of your own. Maybe not an entire room, but some room.

76. Write your own manifesto.

80. Know your love language - Five love languages

85. Have something to look forward to.

87. Identify your “Happiness 911” song. You can find the Spotify list here or on your smart-phone app, you can find the playlist by searching “happierwithgretchenrubin” (one word).

91. Delete or disable soul-sucking, productivity-depleting, creativity-sapping apps.

93. When you’re feeling blue, find something to admire — an idea we lifted from Eliza’s podcast, Eliza Starting at 16.

94. Don’t treat yourself.

97. Start your own happiness project. Gretchen wrote about her own “happiness project” in her book, The Happiness Project.

99. Take personality quizzes to get to know yourself better.

101. Do something for your future self.

102. Find the missing puzzle piece from your life — the missing tool, item, or activity that’s missing.

107. Plan a secret date

108. Use your shower as a “happiness booth.”

112. Pick a uniform.

115. Boost your energy

121. **Read more.

123. Shield yourself from worry.

124. Remember love. When someone is bugging us, often we can re-frame the situation by remembering: this person’s annoying behavior is an expression of love.

127. Make or accept a “repair attempt.”

131. Do ten jumping jacks. It will boost your mood and increase your energy.

132. **Feeling overwhelmed by the news, or by events in your life — or both? Consider reading children’s literature.

134. **If you're feeling dragged down by your to-do list, try writing a "ta-da" list.

136. Don't let yourself fall into "empty". Literally and figuratively. Don't let ourselves get too hungry or under-slept, or run out of gas, cash, printer paper, toilet paper, batteries, medicine, and so on. It creates unnecessary stress or hassle.

138. Always leave some extra room in the suitcase. Literally and figuratively.

141. Find an oasis: a place in your week that you struggle to reach, and is delightful once you get there.

142. Schedule some daily transcendence. One popular way: daily transcendent readings.

144. Be willing to delegate.

151. Eleanor suggests keeping a running list of your favorite things.

153. Say, "This is actually good for me."

154. **Wear "clothes" every day.

155. Choose a signature scent.

165. Have a "Power Down Weekend."

168. Remind yourself, "Remember, this is supposed to be fun."

171. Question your limiting beliefs.

173. Ask, "What's my purpose?"

175. Plan a nice little surprise.

176. Note the start date of any notable pain or symptom. We've both learned this the hard way. (Mark Duplass - Meditate, public library, get more exercise and light

177. Create transition at the end each stage of your day by using a "ten-minute closer." It gives us transitions in our day, and also contributes to outer order.

178. Schedule a weekly playdate with yourself. Something that can be done at any time is often done at no time—so set aside time for the things that you want to do.

183. Go into "low power mode."