Happier with Gretchen Rubin is a podcast from the Cadence 13 network. The following is a curated list of all the "Try This at Home" suggestions related to REFLECTIONS and MEMORIES.

Episode no.   Try This at Home Suggestion

4. Keep a one-sentence journal.

14. Cultivate a shrine.

15. Be a tourist in your own city.

18. Buy an experience.

24. Take photos of everyday life. Never forget how easy it is to forget.

26. Pick a one-word theme for the year.

27. Choose the bigger life.

30. Eliza suggests, “Give yourself a mission when you have free time.”

44. Have an end-of-the-year ritual.

45. Identify your special places.

48. Create a temporary photo gallery in your house.

59. Find your lucky charm.

65. Enjoy your home’s special features. Gretchen wrote about this issue in her book Happier at Home.

67. Design your summer.

74. Pick your “yearbook quote.”

76. Write your own manifesto.

79. Revive a dormant friendship.

88. Celebrate a holiday breakfast.

96. Set your holiday intention; in other words, figure out what you intend to get from your holiday experience.

98. Have a quest (which is different from having a mission, which is slightly different).

104. Have a “life story conversation.”

166. Watch old video clips of celebrities or famous people who catch your interest or whom you you admire.

173. Ask, "What's my purpose?"

182. Take a "scent snapshot" of your life.