Happier with Gretchen Rubin is a podcast from the Cadence 13 network. The following is a curated list of all the "Try This at Home" suggestions related to the EDUCATION.

Episode no.   Try This at Home Suggestion

15. Be a tourist in your own city.

16. Imitate a spiritual master.

18. Buy an experience.

19. Enjoy the fun of failure.

30. Eliza suggests, “Give yourself a mission when you have free time.”

35. Take the Four Tendencies quiz here.

36. Think about a few people in your life, identify their Tendencies, and try to put that knowledge to use.

37. If you’re an Obliger, or you’re around an Obliger (which you surely are), help the Obliger to figure out a system of outer accountability so the Obliger can meet an inner expectation.

38. Try to come up with a motto for your Tendency.

39. Get fired.

43. Reach out to other members of your Tendency, to talk about possible strategies to manage the limitations of your Tendency–and also to compare notes about how you see the world.

60. Let people do their job.

63. In episode 61, they asked listeners for answers to Emily’s question about how to manage online passwords.  The answer: have a strategy.

75. Develop a minor expertise. Right now, Gretchen is obsessed with color. The most fascinating, delightful subject ever.

80. Know your love language - Five love languages

81. Give people something specific to talk about.

83. Read three magazines that you don’t usually read.

97. Start your own happiness project. Gretchen wrote about her own “happiness project” in her book, The Happiness Project.

99. Take personality quizzes to get to know yourself better.

102. Find the missing puzzle piece from your life — the missing tool, item, or activity that’s missing.

116. **Start a side hustle.

117. Write a haiku. A haiku is a form of three-line Japanese poem with one five-syllable line; one seven-syllable line; one five-syllable line.

120. Try the Better app — it’s free, fun, and informative.  No try this at home for this very special episode.

121. **Read more.

142. Schedule some daily transcendence. One popular way: daily transcendent readings.

149. **Identify your "18 for 2018." Roz's Try This at Home tip is to "Try the ukulele."

171. Question your limiting beliefs.

174. Make something by hand that you'd ordinarily buy.