Happier with Gretchen Rubin is a podcast from the Cadence 13 network. The following is a curated list of all the "Try This at Home" suggestions related to the 4 Tendencies.

Episode no.   Try This at Home Suggestion

35. Take the Four Tendencies quiz here.

36. Think about a few people in your life, identify their Tendencies, and try to put that knowledge to use.

37. If you’re an Obliger, or you’re around an Obliger (which you surely are), help the Obliger to figure out a system of outer accountability so the Obliger can meet an inner expectation.

38. Try to come up with a motto for your Tendency.

43. Reach out to other members of your Tendency, to talk about possible strategies to manage the limitations of your Tendency–and also to compare notes about how you see the world.