Hike - Mumpf to Rheinfelden via Sunnenberg

Sunnenberg 016.JPG

Mumpf is a small-ish village along the Rhein but this hike starts by hiking away from the famous river. Immediately you climb stairs to go over the railroad and up into the woods.

You will begin to hear dogs barking as you pass a doggy hotel. This first leg starts with a nice uphill to get your legs warmed up. By the time you reach a level you have a very nice view into the German Schwarzwald (Black Forrest).

The hike now follows a well groomed, mostly level trail. Passing many fields and small farms, eventually you will begin to see more houses, now you are entering the village of Zeiningen. It's a relatively steep down to the village center.

Once you are through Zeiningen you need to gain back the altitude you just lost, so it's the beginning of a steep up all the way to our highest point, Sunnenberg.

At Sunnenberg you have great views to the south, and if lucky, to the Alps. There is a small tour to climb to get even better views! Here is a great place to take a nice break. The little restaurant serves food and drinks but you can also pack your own lunch and enjoy the view.

After your break, head down the trail marked for Rheinfelden and begin the steep down hill through the woods. When you finally break out of the woods you'll see the town of Magden below. If you are feeling done with the hike you can make your way down to the village and get the bus to Rheinfelden.

The last part of the hike goes back into the woods for the final descent into Rheinfelden. You will start to hear the highway when you come closer to the town. The trail lead you all the way to the Rheinfelden train station.