Swiss Regional Route 29 - Pragelpass Weg - Muotathal to Glarus



Train from Aarau to Olten where we met up with Ryan. He successfully saved 3 seats by telling everyone they were 'possessed', his version of the word 'besetzt'. An hour and a half later we were in Schwyz (the name sake of Switzerland). From Schwyz to Muotathal we took a bus, we even got 'controlled' (when they ask for to see your ticket). It took about 30 minutes to walk through the town of Muotathal. We could have taken the bus a bit further but at the Post stop there was a bathroom, always a good start.

Once we reached the edge of town, it got steep very quickly. It was a tough start. Ryan was trying to keep up with Joe and Joern, not a good idea. Pretty soon we could see that there were two camps of hikers, fast and dying. Ryan and I were struggling a bit. For me the only thing I would have changed was the rubbing on my heels from the steepness. The next day my left heel hurt quite a bit.

After the initial up, the trail was not too bad, but by then Ryan and I were beat. So any more inclines after that were quite difficult for us. Joe and Jay were quite okay, they could have both run a bit more after the hike.

The first day we encountered several streams, old rock slides, lots of snow, mud, fog, no animals really. There was always the threat of rain, which produced a thick layer of fog/clouds. Once we could see the mountains on the sides peaking through. We need to go back and do this hike again when the weather is better.

The hike ended at the Kloentalersee, but the lake was only 1/3 full! Quite a disappointment to get all that way and the lake was effectively dried up. The place we stayed served a good meal, the rooms were nice. We all showered, ate schnitzel, pommes frites and beer with ice cream for dessert.

The next morning we had a very nice breakfast and we were on the road by 900. Hiking down to Glarus was pretty easy except for my left heel giving me some grief. The part along the lake was technically closed due to falling rock, which we could see. So we didn't linger long. It rained/drizzelled the whole way so we were quite soaked by the time we reached Glarus, hopping on the train with only 2 minutes to spare.

Saturday 20.26 km, 977 m gain, 735 m loss, 7 hours

Sunday 15.35 km, 121 m gain, 500 m loss, 4 hours