#2 Watch your language! - one life as an expat

In episode 2 I share some of the news making headlines in Switzerland and I try to address the listener question about language and the barriers language can cause for an expat. 

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Show Notes

Music - Song: Schimbrigjodel by the Jodlerklub Schüpfheim 
Music - Song: Jetzt wemmer eis jödele by Rudolf «Ruedi» Rymann

Chapter 1 - 00:00-01:45 Intro

30th Swiss Jodler Fest 22-25 June 2017

Chapter 2 - 01:45-03:40 What's making news in Switzerland?

Chapter 3 - 03:40-19:30 Language Barriers 

Listener question from Cara in the US - "How do you deal with the language barrier or is it even a barrier?"

Chapter 4 - 19:30-22:00 4 language comparison

YouTube Video English vs. German vs. Swiss German (Zurich) vs. Swiss German (Valais)

Special thanks this week to Cara for submitting the question for today’s episode!
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