#1 You've got to start somewhere - One Life as an Expat

In episode #1, You've got to start somewhere, I walk step by step through an average work day for me living in Switzerland.

I cover coffee, kids, apartments, and more. See below for detailed chapters and pictures of the topics covered.

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Show Notes

Music - Traditional Swiss yodelling by the Jodlerklub Schüpfheim Song: Schimbrigjodel

Chapter 1 - 00:00-00:49 Intro

Chapter 2 - 00:49-12:05 Apartment Living 

  • Rules for living in apartments

  • Coffee in Europe - Nespresso

  • Closets vs. wardrobes

  • Built-in roll shades and awnings

  • Getting ready to leave the house - bags, weather, apparel

  • Door locks, huh?

Chapter 3 - 12:05-22:10 Commute and Work

  • Kids - kick scooters, walking to school... alone!

  • Train travel

  • Work

  • Lunch routine, yum

Chapter 4 - 22:10 - 23:42 Outro

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