Day 24 - Apartment Breaking Point

Whew!  I've secured an apartment!

I have never before (even when shopping for my house) had such an experience.  I saw at least 10 apartments in 10 days with my relocation agent.  She was great!  However, I was getting quite tired of looking at places.  You see, I'm not very picky.  I can really live anywhere.  So that makes things more difficult, in the decision department. 

Monday, I felt like there was lots of pressure to find a place.  I'm sure I was doing it to myself but that didn't matter I was feeling pressure.  I wanted a place big enough for having guests but not too big.  Of course I didn't want to pay too much either.  Looking at all these apartments was eating up my evenings, and taking some of my work time as well.  I had lots to do at work so I think this is where some pressure was coming from.  The other thing about looking at apartments is that everyone knows you're looking and they all have an opinon.  I would be asked about a place I had seen, so being mostly optimistic in life, would describe it.  Without fail, whomever I was talking to would find something negative to say about the place, location etc.  This kind of attitude was difficult for me.  Plus I wanted their opinons because I'm new here and I'm looking to them for guidance.  I told a co-worker about this when he said a negative thing, he responded that it's the Swiss way to always look at the negative first.  At least he understood what I was saying.

I left work at 4pm (a little early) to look at this apartment, the viewing wasn't until 6pm.  I needed to get out of the office.  On my way home I called my mom, she could tell something was wrong.  I tried to explain what I was feeling but when I put it in words it all sounded really dumb.  Soon I was home, still on the phone with my mom.  She prays for me that I'll find a place soon and that I'll know without a doubt that it's the right place.  Then I hear my nephew, which makes me cry because I miss him so much.  He's so sweet.  He asked why I was crying and told me that he misses me.

I fell asleep crying.

I woke up at exactly 6pm, with 5 minutes to spare before my agent is picking me up.  We arrived at the apartment and the owner was sitting out front.  He seemed like a nice guy, his wife was inside giving the tour.  Just as we're going inside, one of the current tenants comes out.  Enter Laura, fellow American, fellow woman, fellow Bayer employee.  Recently moved here and now my neighboor.

We went on the tour, everything was great!  Old wooden spriral staircase to the apartment.  Old doors with glass to let the light through.  New windows on the street side to reduce sound from the passing tram and cars.  Old wooden floors, high ceilings, molding, new bathroom tile.  Between the two biggest rooms are sliding french doors that can open completely.  Then between the room and the winter garden (a glass enclosed balcony that can be opened to the air) is another set of doors that can be opened completely for a very wonderful experience.  Like one huge room open to the outside!

The kitchen was new 2 years ago and big.  I could go on and on, but I'll say one more thing; garden (what they call a yard).  A little, well manicured garden in the back only for the four tenants.  The whole place has that "ahhh" feeling.

I wanted the apartment, partially because I was really done looking but mostly because the place had old charm but new features.  The owners were nice and the other tenants as well.  My agent filled out the application and submitted it the following morning.

There were 4 others who wanted this place, I got it.  I got it because my agent had already put Laura there, because Laura emailed on my behalf and because my mom prayed I would find the perfect place.  It is pretty perfect.  I found out the next day that it was across the street from the church I wanted to attend.

I move in on June 15th, just 28 days after arriving in Basel.  My belongings will arrive on the 16th or 17th.  I could not have acheived more perfect timing.