Rainy SaturDay 103

Today it rained in Basel. My original plan was to hike/walk to this village called Gempen about 7 miles away, over a small mountain. There is a festival there this weekend. There is also a summit near by that gives views to the Alps on a clear day. None of this happened.

Instead I stayed home most of the day, doing laundry. I went out for some shopping and the excuse to take a shower. I also experienced my first haircut in Basel.

My new friend, Alison, invited me to play squash. I had never played before but I knew it was kind of like racquetball. I almost didn't go but decided that I had to be active today. The Europeans call it "doing fitness" or "doing sport".

I decided to run/jog/crawl to the place we were meeting which was 2.5 miles from my place. Then we played squash for ~2 hours. Upon leaving, we were trying to figure out what to do next. I suggested the festival in Gempen so we went! I love that kind of spontaneous action. No dwelling on the fact that we were covered in sweat, or not wearing proper clothes. No! We just went! Later on we talked about the fact if we had gone home to take a shower and change, we probably would not have gone back out.

We saw this amazing rainbow on the way to Gempen.

The festival was kinda lame but we were bit glad we went.

After a nice bath, I'm ready for bed and another exciting, long day tomorrow in Zürich.

The picture below is of flammkuchs baking in an oven. This is a traditional "pizza" type dish here in the Alsace region. The four "tops" are spinning with fire below.

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