Likes and dislikes

This post will be about all the stuff I miss and don't miss about the States, and all the really good stuff (and bad stuff) about Switzerland.

I'm just shooting from the hip so this might not be in any particular order.

I miss stores that stay open all night.
I don't miss driving a vehicle to work everyday.
I miss driving the Jeep with the top down and the music up.
I really like getting around the city with public transportation and my bikes.

I miss knowing all the streets and where everything is in the city.
I don't miss my house.
I don't miss the food (except for my moms).
I miss understanding how the government works and the insurance etc.

I really like the people I've met here.
I don't like not understanding what people are saying.
I really like how pedestrians are priority.

So I was asked what is the best part about living here in Europe>Switzerland>Basel.
My favorite part about living in Europe has to be the ability to travel so easily.
My favorite part about living in Switzerland has to be that everyone follows the rules and thus makes for a really well run country.
My favorite part about living in Basel has to be all the new friends I'm making.

I really, really, really miss my gas stove!!!

I don't think this list is extensive but I'm working on it.

What's to come? I'd like to write a post on Insurance, wooo fun topic! But seriously interesting I think, especially for those of you who may want to live abroad some day.

I'm also working on a post about hiking (walking as the Swiss call it), trials and tribulations of learning German, and a post called, "What does Megan eat?"
Stay tuned!