Day 102

It is raining today in Basel. I hope this doe not affect my weekend plans but undoubtably it will.

I've signed up for Mobility, a car sharing program. I am really looking forward to using a vehicle here to help with furniture. I have missed out on secondhand pieces because I have no way to transport stuff. There was a beautiful antique four poster bed someone was getting rid of, I hope it's still available.

I had lunch yesterday at Vapiano, a pasta place. They make the pasta fresh there and cook everything in front of you while you wait in line. Then you take your food and sit down. It was amazing! I had penne with carbonara sauce. Soooo good! I'm learning where to eat what. Some places just are bad. This is something I miss about the states, not the food per se but the knowledge of where to go to eat.

The picture below is from the Jazz festival a couple of weeks ago.

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