WANTED: health coaches who would like to contribute to a collaborative project, called Health Coach Confessions. 

The project will start out in blog/article format with the potential to move to podcast or other mediums.

Please read this page throughly before submitting your story.

Target audience:

Primary - Non-health coaches that are interested in reading/listening about the every day struggles of a health coach. They want to know we (health coaches) are normal people that have struggles too.

Secondary - Health coaches, to be used as a realistic reflection of our everyday struggles to supplement the perfect Instagram and Facebook versions of ourselves.


Each short story should have a theme or message that should be relevant to topics and themes you would talk about with your clients.


  • It should be told in story format - try to keep it to 3-5 minutes.

  • Begin with a brief (30-60 sec) intro about who you are, what you do and how to connect with you.

  • Each story should have some sort of conflict and a follow-up resolution. 


  • I would prefer to receive your story via audio files. You may also send photos too.

  • I will then transcribe the story for use on the website, www.healthcoachconfessions.com

  • I will also accept written stories with pictures but these may not end up in the podcast version.

  • You may submit multiple stories for consideration.

  • There is no guarantee a submission will be used for publication.

Benefit to contributors:

  • Working together to reach more people about the benefits of hiring a health coach.

  • You will be ‘published’ and can site your work.

  • Reach a wider audience

  • Gain experience with writing and podcasting

  • Because it’s fun!

  • No monetary compensation will be provided at of 4 March 2019 - if the site/podcast begin to earn revenue then each contributor will be compensated based on the number of unique viewers per month to their story. Values to be determined at a later date.

Tag Line:

Are Health Coaches perfect?

Not by any stretch by we try, every day, to be better versions of ourselves.

This is a collection of short stories chronicling the lives of Health Coaches all around the world. Our falls, our victories, and everything in between.

Additional information will be sent to you if you indicate an interest in the project.

Email healthcoachconfessions@gmail.com with questions or comments.