Day 16 - 20 days of me series

This is a series of posts that give you a better idea of who I am. I found the idea from Living off Love and Coffee's blog post but instead of 30 days, I'm only committing to 20. I Googled to see if there were another origins for this idea and found many '30 days of me' posts but this one I liked the most so here we go!

Day 16 - Someone you'd like to switch lives with for just one day

I didn't know what to write about for this post until yesterday.

We went out on a whale/dolphin watching boat ride with a great outfit, Lobosonda, located in Calheta on Madeira. While we were boating out 15 km to visit the whales I harkened back to my days of Splash! and mermaids in the 1980s. I used to love watching my hair float in the water like Daryl Hannah's did in the movie. 

But on this day I wondered what it would be like to be a whale or dolphin, with the whole ocean as a playground. How amazing it would be to experience a day as one of these aquatic beings. To have the instincts to tell what body of water I'm in. To be able to swim to any part of the world. Really I think that is true freedom. Even birds need some land to traverse the globe.

On our trip we saw a large group (~20) sperm whales about 15km off the coast of Madeira. Even the guide said he hadn't seen a group that large before.

Our route from Calheta, 15 km off-shore we saw the group of sperm whales.

Our route from Calheta, 15 km off-shore we saw the group of sperm whales.

So I would love to switch lives with either a whale or dolphin for at least one day.

Who would you like to switch lives with for one day? Animal or human? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

P.S. I wrote this article under the influence of Madeiran wine, please don't hold any grammatical mistakes against me :)