Day 6 - 20 days of me series

This is a series of posts that give you a better idea of who I am. I found the idea from Living off Love and Coffee's blog post but instead of 30 days, I'm only committing to 20. I Googled to see if there were another origins for this idea and found many '30 days of me' posts but this one I liked the most so here we go!

Day 6 - Favorite super-hero and why

This one is difficult because I don't really idolize any super-hero. If I had to choose I would say my favorite is Wonder Woman but really I think that's just because I have a huge girl-crush on Gal Gadot.

Really? Who doesn't love her?

What I love the most about Wonder Woman is the inspiration to young girls. Seeing a strong woman in a leading role is cool. I still am not too happy in general that a strong woman has to be portrayed as one that can also inflict bodily harm but baby steps.

Who is your favorite super-hero? Let me know in the comment section below.