Day 20 - 20 days of me series

This is a series of posts that give you a better idea of who I am. I found the idea from Living off Love and Coffee's blog post but instead of 30 days, I'm only committing to 20. I Googled to see if there were another origins for this idea and found many '30 days of me' posts but this one I liked the most so here we go!

Day 20 - What would we find in your bag?

  • House keys
  • Work keys
  • 5 different lip balm products
  • iPhone
  • journal
  • pens (lots of pens)
  • hair brush
  • reuseable shopping bag
  • chewing gum
  • gloves
  • umbrella
  • iPod
  • iPad
  • wallet
  • various papers
  • facial tissues

I typically carry a Timbuk2 bag, I'm on my third one. I love them so much. I started with the Laptop Messenger, then switched to the classic messenger in small. Now I'm working out of the Hyde Tote (no longer available).

What kind of bag do you carry? What is one really weird thing you carry around with you? Tell me about it in the comments section below.