Day 4 - 20 days of me series

This is a series of posts that give you a better idea of who I am. I found the idea from Living off Love and Coffee's blog post but instead of 30 days, I'm only committing to 20. I Googled to see if there were another origins for this idea and found many '30 days of me' posts but this one I liked the most so here we go!

Day 4 - A habit you wish you didn't have

This one is particularly difficult to answer for me. If I have a habit I don't like, I usually find a way to change my behaviour. 

One thing that does drive me mad, also my hubby, is not putting things away right away. I do a pretty good job in the main living areas but I have my own room and this is usually a bit of a disaster.

I have figured out that if everything has a 'home' I will generally put it away. So I have been actively trying to make sure there is a home for everything. Actually we are in the middle of a little renovation in my room. Afterwards I should be all set, no excuses!

What is your worst habit? Tell me about it in the comment section below.