Whole30 Preparation

I have been preparing for the Whole30 for the past few days. I started with eating meat protein for breakfast Thursday and Friday morning. I found that it did help keep me satiated longer.

Yesterday I shopped for the foods necessary for the first two days. I prepared 2 batches of Basic Mayonnaise, and I agree that a lighter olive oil is necessary, I will look for one at the store.

This morning I prepared 750g of butter into clarified butter (600g) remaining. Interesting, the instructions that I found to clarify butter said I would have three layers, some milk fat, butter, more milk solids. In this case I really only had 2 layers. Seems there was less of the top layer, I did skim some of the top but more was left under.

I also purchased nutritional yeast for some recipes where a little bit of cheesy flavour would be better. I still need to look up recipes that contain it.

I prepared the Spinach Frittata for my breakfasts during the week and also the Basic Protein salad.  Also I roasted some sweet potatoes.

I am feeling well prepared to start and I have good support from my man.