Whole30 Day 1


Not adding sugar to my espresso this morning was quite easy. A couple months ago I did an experiment to stop adding sugar to my diet, I found that I switch to tea more since it's not as bitter as coffee.

I did my morning walk, only 25 minutes today since I started going to the gym. At the gym I did some arms, trunk rotations and some leg stretches.

When I arrived home I threw 3 pieces of frittata into a skillet to reheat while I brought espresso to Joern and took a shower. I ate my breakfast while getting ready which is against one of the rules for Whole30, to eat mindfully, sitting, enjoying the food. I did enjoy it but I didn't sit down. I don't think that it was enough, I maybe should have had 1 more piece.

I packed my lunch of tuna salad with an extra dollop of mayo, realized that I need to make mayo for work too. I can make most Whole30 stuff at work since I can visit the grocery store easily.

The Whole30 book says today (Day1) won't be too hard but tomorrow will be really hard. I hope not since I have an internal audit to perform.

As a rule I'm pretty good about not eating junk like potato chips etc. My most unhealthy food is french fries and the occasional burger from Burger King. However, this particular experiment is not just about that but really eliminating dairy, wheat, beans/legumes, etc. to see how the body reacts without them and then what happens when you slowly reintroduce them.


Wow, today I was not in a good mood! 

I am trying to figure out if it has anything to do with the Whole30. My first reaction is no, because I could just be in a mood. I felt very distracted, unable to focus. Quiet.

I'm not hungry but then again I haven't had any added sugar or refined carbs so it could be that I am feeling some effects from the program.

Whole30 Preparation

I have been preparing for the Whole30 for the past few days. I started with eating meat protein for breakfast Thursday and Friday morning. I found that it did help keep me satiated longer.

Yesterday I shopped for the foods necessary for the first two days. I prepared 2 batches of Basic Mayonnaise, and I agree that a lighter olive oil is necessary, I will look for one at the store.

This morning I prepared 750g of butter into clarified butter (600g) remaining. Interesting, the instructions that I found to clarify butter said I would have three layers, some milk fat, butter, more milk solids. In this case I really only had 2 layers. Seems there was less of the top layer, I did skim some of the top but more was left under.

I also purchased nutritional yeast for some recipes where a little bit of cheesy flavour would be better. I still need to look up recipes that contain it.

I prepared the Spinach Frittata for my breakfasts during the week and also the Basic Protein salad.  Also I roasted some sweet potatoes.

I am feeling well prepared to start and I have good support from my man.