Breakfast in Germany

My boss and her husband took me across the boarder to Lörrach on Saturday for shopping. They wanted to leave early (8:30) so we will eat breakfast once we get there. Of course we still had to have coffee before we left.

Lörrach is only about 3.5 miles away so we were there in just a few minutes. We ate breakfast in Migros (pronounced without the 's'), the local chain grocery store. Breakfast is bread. Their oldest, Elias (4), had a pastry cone with a sweet filling. Katja had some kind of flaky bread, similar to a croissant but hardier, she shared with the baby, Samuel. Rudolf and I had te regional bread, bretzel. When they handed me my breakfast I was suprised to learn that it was what we call a pretzel. Not as much salt as in the US but enough. I explained to them that we usually eat pretzels at sporting events, fairs and carnivals.

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